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Welcome to

Dryandra Country.

Cuballing is a hidden gem nestled on the edge of the Great Southern Wheatbelt, in the heart of Dryandra country. 

A resilient rural community

'Cuby' as it's affectionately coined, forms part of the trio of local areas comprising the Shire of Cuballing - Cuballing, Yornanning and Popanyninng.


The area of the Shire of Cuballing was occupied for thousands of years by the Wiilman people and contains many traditional names mainly referring to water and geographical features.  The Wiilman are one of the fourteen dialectical groups of the Noongar aboriginal people of the south western region of Western Australia.

In 1835 Surveyor General John Septimus Roe passed to the west of what is now the Great Southern Highway and in the process named the Montague Hills. Shepherds grazed flocks of sheep through the area seeking pastures and watering points from the 1840s and the sandlewood trade encouraged cutters to the region not long afterwards.


The name Cuballing is taken from 'Cooballing Pool' which was documented on a lease application in 1868. The Great Southern Railway was completed in 1889 and with this precious link to civilisation came the rush of settlers to places like Cuballing.

Slowly the township grew with residences, schools, hotels and churches. Meanwhile nearby Narrogin developed as a regional centre. Despite economic challenges including the Great Depression, Cuballing and our regional neighbours have survived.


Cuballing Shire is proud of the strength and resilience of our community. We celebrate our rural lifestyle, valuing our natural assets, people, history and vibrant future. We are a Shire of opportunity and we welcome residents and visitors to explore and love it as much as we do.

Our Festival Vision

Cuby GrooveFest is a celebration of the rural lifestyle, unique surrounds and enduring heritage of the Cuballing Shire.


Our festival mission is to engage, entertain, unify and strengthen the fabric of our community through shared experiences of music, creativity, and nature.


We value connection, authenticity, diversity, resilience, innovation, respect, family, fun and friendship.


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